The iconic supermarket chain designs a new store concept for the Brescia Triumplina store. The goal is to renew and integrate the shopping experience of Esselunga Store, by introducing a family-friendly solution. This store, the first of its kind, is built with the purpose of simplifying customer shopping experience.


Conceptualize and develop an innovative, stimulating and involving format for Esselunga’s “Spazio Bimbi”. Designed for playing and entertaining, the space fully reflects the design and contents of the new actual store.


Aspen was mandated by Esselunga to handle the concept’s development, the design, and the implementation of this project.  For the occasion, the agency invented a child-friendly supermarket where kids can live the same shopping experience as their parents. This concept merged leisure and shopping, in an atmosphere of discovery and fun, allowing children to learn how to choose products. The journey, guided by a playful educational approach, with various game mechanisms, was developed through the lens of edutainment. During the experience, children could learn about topics such as recycling and proper nutrition through a suggestive mix of analog and digital activities.

The learning activities developed for the small-scale market ranged from role-playing, intended for toddlers, to more elaborated topics for school-age children.

The new Food, Kids & Retail format was an authentic replica of the “adult version” of the market. The setting included the setup of displays, payment boxes, trolleys and products, all placed on junior-height shelves.