Starting point
Disney launches the live action “The Lion King”, review of the successful animated movie of 1994.
Business challenge
Setting up a Vip screening highly mediatic, that anticipates the marketing campaign, a month before the released in cinemas.

In the setting of “Chiostro dell’Incoronata” (Anteo cinema), Aspen gives life to a “urban savannah”, recreating the settings of the Disney movie and evoking, through sounds, colors and smell, the unforgettable magic atmosphere. The theming of the cocktail menu proposed is animalier as well as the dress code for the guests. Different experiential corners accompany the guests before the show and projection. Cheryl Porter, performer of “The Circle of Life”, is the godmother of the event and livens up the evening together with Harlem Gospel, in a moment of great involvement. Jonathan Kashiana takes care of the influencer’s styling.